Our extended family and Bansuri flute-box aficionado; Xtra Soula has just dropped a new preview of his upcoming project Echo Kinetix.

The ‘Looper 6 Interlude’ demonstrates all of the musical qualities we have come to expect from the groundbreaking musician/producer. Taking us on a upbeat and rhythmic journey, Xtra Soula seemlessly combines traditional Indian flute playing with the hip-hop groove of beatboxing. The main melodies expert fusion of traditional and contemporary styles is guaranteed to get you nodding your headtop. Whilst the additional layered flute harmonies give the track a great sense of depth and complexity.

The preview track is available through Xtra Soula’s SoundCloud page for your listening pleasure. Please also follow 4DPresents on social media and be amongst the first people to grab a copy of the full project on its release this year.

Peace and Blessings