Steeped in culture and renowned for  artistic flair, Varanasi symbolises the melting pot of influences that combine to form a greater whole.

Situated on the banks of the Ganges and home to some of the great Indian poets, philosophers and musicians, the city is synonymous with creative expression.

Klutta’s debut EP encapsulates the spirit of Varanasi through spacious, worldly atmospheres floating on deconstructed dub-step / garage rhythms and bubbling bass lines.  Minimal instrumentation, featuring melancholy pianos and swarming string pads give the EP a strong sense of movement and the feeling of travel, akin to the early pilgrims who visited Varanasi when it was known as Kashi.  If only they’d had an MP3 player, they could have ridden into the city listening to Klutta!

The release contains 4 instrumental tracks and ‘Revolution’ featuring vocals from Awate, who unleashes his consciousness so directly and clearly to the listener. Talking about the evils in life and how the revolution must come from inside ones-self, Awate’s raps fit like a glove on the beat and his singing sets the tone beautifully. A fluid arrangement allows both producer and vocalist to shine on this track – a well polished piece of songwriting with a positive message and uplifting feel.

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