4D Presents… ‘Pass It On’ – the debut solo single from Wara and Drop Velvet singer, rapper and MC, Fedzilla. Composed by Hip-Hop production duo Hybrid Freqs.

Better known for her exploits as rhyme provider for London-Havana band Wara and electronic-brass band Drop Velvet, Fedzilla has blessed stages at festivals across the country, showing versatility in different styles. She explores the medium of rap / poetry on ‘Pass It On’, with a captivating and personal insight into her understanding of freedom of speech and creative expression.

Fed’s strong message, uplifting lyrics and intimate vocal technique compliment the soul-drenched bounce of the instrumental, blending playfulness with a little attitude.

Grab the free download and get the bonus track, the instrumental!
Lyrics by Fedzilla
Produced by Hybrid Freqs
Mastered by Function Mastering
Video & Artwork by Billy Postle
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