The 4D Presents team held it down last Thursday as a colourful array of societies descended on the JCR for SOAS Re-Freshers fair. Our reggae and chilled dub-step selections set the atmosphere throughout the afternoon, enhancing the warm and friendly vibes – it was beautiful to see such a variety of great stalls and people having a good time. A big thank you to all the new members who signed up, and to those that purchased cd’s of The Format EP by SOAS alumni Haan.

As the fair began to wind down we stepped the music up, progressing into some classic hip-hop selections that got heads nodding. In collaboration with our friends from global-fusion music label Cultured Sounds, we invited a few rappers to come down and bless the mic!  We had Terra Man; Raggo Zulu Rebel; Sixth Sense; Ethos and Rudez set it off with back to back raps, assisted by Xtra Soula on the flute beat-box.. The levels were impressive!  A big shout to Jabs, Klutta & Born Cheating for dropping consistent fire on the instrumentals – we had the New York cypher-style in full effect.

And a special mention to Lulia Lumina, who grabbed the mic and kept the dance-floor moving with some RnB karaoke at the end… you know it had to be done.

Be sure to come down and check out the next one in February, where we’ll be incorporating more live musicians and vocalists… If you’re a musician or vocalist (or have friends that are) and would like to take part in the next open mic, drop us an email at

Peace and Blessings