St.Jude is a London based poet and emcee. A new face in a genre that is saturated with artists, St.Jude has been looking to bring something fresh and different to UK hip-hop.
His debut EP, Desperate Times & Lost Causes was released in June 2015 and is up for free download in the link below.
St.Jude is also in the process of creating his next project ‘Natural Progression’ which will be released on 4D Presents later this year.

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Twitter: @St.Jude_Emcee

EP Download:…/st-jude-desperate-times-and-lost-…/

Written and Performed by St.Jude
Instrumentals: Skinnyman (Fuck The Hook) and Mikel (Game of Thrones)

Special thanks to Jerry, Richard and the whole AV Department at SOAS