Felix aka Feline aka Efex is a lyricist hailing from Glastonbury, south west. In the last 5 years this musician has gigged up and down the UK and across Europe. Now based in Bristol, he is working with Hold Tight records and a variety of producers and creatives in order to release his debut project in the autumn as well as an album with his main band ‘The midnight Zu’ in spring next year.

Follow Efex:

Bookings: jake@holdtighttherelay.co.uk
Twitter: @efexuk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/efexuk
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/efexuk
Band  FB: www.facebook.com/midnightzu/

Written and Performed by MC Efex

Instrumentals produced by Grandmaster Jams and Klutta.

Special thanks to Jerry, Richard and the whole AV Department at SOAS

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  • Adam Saker

    finessin it… MC Efex got a vibe !!