DOR aka The Delegates Of Rhyme consists of Bristol based producer Vice beats (of Wordplay Magazine) and London based MC Donnie Numeric (of League of Awkward Men & The Popables). Under the pseudonym of The Delegates Of Rhyme, the duo create a soulful blend of UK Hip Hop, with some incredible guest appearances and collaborations, including Greg Blackman (BBE), Renegades Of Jazz, Tony Le Tigre, Jimmy Davis, and many more.

The live set features ‘Look At What They Do’, the group’s single from 2015 and Wings Of Sand, their forthcoming single due for release in May 2016. The track features a stunning remix from the beloved Funk and Soul producer Renegades Of Jazz alongside DOR’s previous collaborator Greg Blackman.

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Twitter: @delegates01

Written and performed by Delegates of Rhyme.

Special thanks to Jerry, Richard and the whole AV Department at SOAS

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